Last week, we were sharing with you the DAM landscape in the marketing Technology Stack 2021

It is always a challenge for every customer to make the purchase decision. Do I have to believe the well know magic quadrant or any other map from the different organisations ? This is an experience we have every day with our customers. Hopefully purchase decision is now part of decisions between marketingcommunicationbusiness units and IT.


We do believe that the right path to take follows the 6 steps :

1- Gap Analysis 
2. Resource Audits
3. Requirements Gathering
4. Governance
5. Use Case Scenarios 
6. Vendor Selection

IQ Equity with Mark Davey is providing the 10core to stamp online vendors.

10 Core DAM Characteristics accreditation was conceived to evaluate DAMsystems on Core functionality. It is an evaluation process which looks at 10 key areas, covering 22 dimensions in total. Any software which passes the 10 Core can be deemed a fit for purpose DAM system solution. 

Beyonde the corev2

Beyond you can use demo scenarios to test your business requirements.

I’m delighted to share knowledge and best practices in a new Webinar Thursday, April 15, 2021 with Russell Barr, Digital Asset Management Specialist | Managing Director of DAM at Cloudinary

In this webinar, we will share buyer’s guide for DAM and elaborate on the following benefits of dynamic DAM along with traditional common use cases.

– Flexibility of setup

– Work-in-progress

– Sharing and distribution

– Delivery of an optimal end-user experience

– Content velocity

– Direct publishing to different channels

– Video asset management

You’ll also learn the critical role of a DAM manager, whose first challenge is to purchase the right DAM solution that ideally serves your business needs: workflow, media usage, future content strategies.

 Frédéric SANUY

CEO Activo – DAM Expert

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