This Tuesday 4th August 4PM GMT / 6PM CET July is the last Webinar of our Digital Asset Management Deep Dive Series dedicated to Enterprise Transformation.

We are 4 Digital Asset Management consultants Mark Davey James Rourke Sean Proctor and myself on behalf of Activo Consulting discussing all the ramifications for getting DAM right the first time. A series of Six bi-weekly webinars for organisations looking at best practices for a DAM strategydata modellingrequirementsvendor analysis and rollout across the organisation. 

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We will make a overall summary of all the sessions from gap analysis, business requirements, Governance, demo scenarios alongside the DAM customer journey. We will also highlight the place of DAM today in the Enterprise Transformation as we can see and already shared with you between PIM, MDM, CMS…

Here you can already find the Replay of the first 5 webinars :

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Frédéric SANUY

CEO – ACTIVO Consulting