We have to deal and fight with the incredible pandemic crisis of #COVID-19 and new measures are taking place and affecting our lives on a daily basis. The impact from the current situation is severe for everybody but we’re sure that governments of our society will do everything to navigate through the storm. The coronavirus outbreak is a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. It will also have an impact on the global economy.

First advise is to stay safe and follow the World Health Organization recommendations.

From health insurance to improved well-being, remote work offers myriad benefits who ever you are a customer, a vendor and any witness of this world. And we will see the future but definitely the approach to our global business will change for ever. Today you can already prepare your remote Workforce to work through the Global Health Crisis at home !.

I see in my daily business life with brand customers, of course it is not the same but we can continue working thanks to collaborative web platforms, DAM to share the content between all the stakeholders in the whole organisation and PIM to syndicate the content on all the touchpoints.

Young business woman working at a laptop at sunset or sunrise on the top of the mountain to the sea, remote working day.

Let’s see the journey of a designer in agency from an old article I like here.

Most employers want to give the same benefits to remote workers and in-office workers – Employers are leveraging this technology to create connection opportunities between onsite and remote colleagues that create healthier relationships – both on a personal and professional level,” Beth Roberts says.

The outbreak is moving quickly, and McKinsey made a great repot t show some of the perspectives in this article and that may fall rapidly out of date.

During that time I will engage more web marketing with webinars, blog post, video to share best practises, knowledge and projects I’m working with customers and vendors.

I will start next week with Nuxeo March 25th 3PM CET: 7 Ways to Accelerate your Creative Processes with DAM

At trend-driven companies, new product development determines success or failure, but scaling and accelerating product development has proven difficult for many of the world’s largest companies. The biggest problem holding back these efforts is the tangled web of process and workflows. This session explores strategies to turbocharge your product creative process, enabling your organisation to:

  • Accelerate product introduction to grow market share
  • Identify and create opportunities in design, development, and go-to-market processes
  • Streamline and accelerate product development to deliver real results

You will find also some NEW WEB CONFERENCE replacing classic marketing event like CELUM for the 20th birthday, 2 days online !!, or Workfront for the annual Leap 2020 virtual conference.

Some other vendors give you access for free or super plan to their technology like Enfocus, or you can reach your audience with some super plan of networking providers to call and meet yours and your customers like ZIFLOW.

Don’t miss the Henry Stewart Webinars :smart way to learn from the best use cases and DAM experts like Theresa Regli ” Adding Intelligence to your DAM”, Bringing Clarity to your Retail Content with Digital Asset Management with 4ALLPORTAL and Cyangate, and do not miss the one from IMATAG to protect the Value of your Visuals.

HS DAM Webinars

You cam still review my DAM 2020 Trends Technology with WEDIA :

DAM 2020 Trends Technology with WEDIA

I will share with you my next webinars soon later the end of the month and some of them will bring disruptive innovation alongside DAM and PIM projects. Stay tuned and subscribe to our YouTube Channel :

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Frédéric SANUY

CEO – ACTIVO Consulting