This week was the annual SPICY Talks 2019 in Berlin of Chili Publish. This the time for the Smart Template community of peers, customers, influencers and technical experts to discover the next steps in packaging, commercial print, agency life and brand expertise.

This year the new marketing feed is “to Grow Together”. During 2 days attendees discovered the last marketing and technology trends and at the top the roadmap of CHILI publish moving the version 6 for Xmas and before 2020 and Drupa 2020 that will be the time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company. As usual the whole organisation rocks at the top driven by the team of Cindy Van Luck and Kevin Goeminne the CEO, so it as all about content in context and Mass personalisation with a great networking environnement.


Regarding the sponsorship, new one like Keepeek a successful DAM French company involved in lot of CHILI publish integrations, Akeneo a PIM leader and important business-wise along side the syndication from the DAM to the omni channels (read my last article about PXM/PIM/DAM), Sitecore a leader in WCM providing one of the best customer experience from the content hub to the distribution.

I’m sharing with you my 2 after movies :

Day 1 :

Day 2 :

Among the new features, the roadmap is focus on DAM integration which make sense as the DAM is the foundation for any organisation. The 4 main points delivered during the introduction of Kevin Goeminne were :

  • UI
  • Performance
  • Ecosystem
  • One Template

UI is the core of any customer projects, performance is important for fast rendering of the documents and the CTO Ward De Langhe introduced PDF engine 2.0 ( test of 1000 records PDF Engine v1 37 min and 4 Gb vs PDF Engine v2 33 sec and 21 Mb) plus a new Bare code engine. Of course Smart Templates at the heart of the conference, providing new automation with dynamic layout.

Theresa Regli the well know DAM expert made a great presentation about Adding intelligence to your DAM which provide a new strategy beyond the DAM as not only a single source of truth. Something we call call DAM enterprise used by some vendors. Click here

2 new White papers by CHILI publish

Theresa Regli made a new White Paper to talk about new challenges of DAM within the marketing multi-channel campaigns that needs more that a single source of truth. She is exploring technologies that can Addintelligenceyo the DAM. She is exploring technologies that can Addintelligenceyo the DAM.

In the second white paper it is all about Commercial printers who need a future-proof solution. A production tool that will help them to increase time-to-market, improve general ROI and keep customers happy. Year on year. Click here

It is true that today lot of brands have to mange so many variants and derived visuals. Piet Saegeman was demonstrating that for a marketing campaign with 3 languages, 4 channels, 2 visuals per channel, 3 interactions plus all the funnels it is nearly 486 variants to produce !

But of course this is also the opportunity to discover uses cases (Airbus, Philips, American Cancer society or the the future of funerals…) the most important with great integration done by Kadanza or Brandmaster. These companies are doing great integrations to manage the brand content with a top customer experience. I like the fact that they are using the html5 canvas only on the document itself providing a very fast update of the document. This is the right path to take.

Next steps are the version 6 coming at the end of the year and of cours next year the 10th anniversary of the company. I do remember when I was testing the solution in 2010 when I was at the top of CA Communicatio, a long path has been done since…

Frédéric SANUY