I like spending some good time working my friends photographers to help them in their image workflow along side our professional services by ACTIVO Consulting and one of the most business requirement service beyond the selection and retouching is to share easily all the collections after years in a “DAM” system

One of my best friend and well know press and fashion photographer in Paris Serge Arnal told me :

“…Today our work has completely changed, it is becoming very difficult to make a living from it, and we must change our approach to the profession by adapting to the needs of brands. Our tools have changed, and we have to play between our old DSLR and the mobile and be able to select, index and share photos in one click…”

Capture, Edit, Organise, Retouch, Index and share

From the photo capture to the delivery it is still a challenge today just because it has to be super fast. One thing does not have changed for me and some of friends is the way to edit, organise and ingest metadata to our pictures. To figure out I’m using Fotostation since 1998 ! So of course some of the people will say ok from version 3 to 8 it is the same… yes but it also a reason why we are using Fotostation, it just works fast ! Efficiency in simplicity. Even myself I manage around 2500 pics per month with nearly 2 millions in my DAM, full indexed.

When I learnt from the 25th anniversary of Fotostation, it was an honour to present a live demo of what I do with my ?? French photographers ?? every day for the press or during some VIP events like Festival of Cannes or Fashion show in Paris. It will be all from the photographer best practices up to the sharing in a DAM and of course in Fotoweb from Fotoware. I will also talk about IPTC/XMP metadata IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council) that can be embedded inside the files so when you will store and archive your assets you will also save the metadata.

FOTOSTATION in action during a Paris fashion show

Join me on May 14h 3pm CET and Fotoware in this webinar to learn how to speed up photography workflows using FotoStation for Digital Asset Management (DAM). The webinar is suitable for both professional and hobby photographers who want to work more efficiently and learn some clever photography tips.

Agenda of the webinar:

1. 25 years of FotoStation: how it changed and developed alongside with photography trends

2. Use cases: how brands, agencies, and individuals can use DAM. Tips and tricks to speed up the photography workflow.

3. Demo: how to quickly select, index, and publish photos in FotoStation.

4. Q&A: answering questions from the webinar participants.

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Frédéric SANUY

CEO – ACTIVO Consulting