Just after the Creative Operations London 2020 in March, gathering the best of DAM community and creative customers, and after the #DAMDigital DAM NY 2020 online conference I’m delighted to be part of a new Henry Stewart Events Webinar with CI-HUB to share knowledge and best practices.

With a strong experience in agencies, and still working for some of the top, creativity is my favourite subject. As Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen  was explaining again during the Online Adobe Summit this week Design and Creativity have never been more important. It is available to every single one of us.

One of the main challenge of any agency in the world is to find an easy way to collaborate digital content between designers and stakeholders. It has to be simple and efficient. For most designers they do not want to switch between different peace of web platforms. They just want to stay in the Adobe Creative Suite.  DAM vendors have to make creativity more accessible and more intuitive. The Adobe plugins is the answer to connect your DAM system with your creative team. We have highlighted some basic requirements:

  • Easy navigation with list and preview
  • Easy search based on custom and standard (IPTC/XMP) Metadata
  • Check out Check In
  • Revisions management
  • Assets links and Relink
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere support
  • Indesign Snippet support
  • Multiple connectors like Adobe Stock, DropBox, Drive
CI-HUB – Adobe Connectors

A new gerrman company CI-HUB is also in the market since last year with a first and very good set of DAM connectorsAndreas Michalski CEO and Founder, one more smart guy in this industry and has a strong background as CEO of iBrams one of the Online Indesign solution in the early 2010. They bring all their experience with great features within the plugins (Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro), advanced search with similarity, revisions check in out, different views of the assets with all the metadata, Snippets etc… in just months they have top DAM connectors, plus Adobe Stock, Dropbox etc…

As a conclusion Creative teams can accelerate their workflow processes with a smart connector between the DAM and Adobe Creative SuiteAdobe plug-ins are an easy way for designers to connect all assets within the DAM with their desktop applications; Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere. Through navigation and search they can manage revisions of assets, link them in InDesign templates and share the package inside the DAM with a custom workflow.

Quick DEMO of the CI HUB connector for Dropbox

In this webinar, from content creation to distribution, I will with Andreas Michalski CEO of CI-HUB demonstrate how Adobe plug-ins can enhance the power of your DAM involving the right people at the right time to transform your entire creative process.

Frédéric SANUY

CEO – ACTIVO Consulting