This Tuesday 7th July we had the fourth Webinar of our Digital Asset Management Deep Dive Series dedicated to Governance.

We are 4 Digital Asset Management consultants Mark Davey James Rourke Sean Proctor and myself on behalf of Activo Consulting discussing all the ramifications for getting DAM right the first time. A series of Six bi-weekly webinars for organisations looking at best practices for a DAM strategydata modellingrequirementsvendor analysis and rollout across the organisation. 

Governance is the guidebook for your DAM system. Governance is an enterprise-wide infrastructure made up of the policies, standard operating procedures, and practices used to ensure an organisation’s immediate and future regulatory, legal, risk, environmental and operational requirements.

  • Why the change needs to happen
  • What, precisely, you are proposing to do
  • When the changes happen
  • How you propose to make them
  • How will it benefit your organization?
  • Who are the main people that need to be involved?
  • Why are you doing it now?
  • How will this ensure that your approach to DAM is viable in the medium to long-term?

Enjoy the replay of our fourth Webinar Governabce which is the heart of any organization to drive DAM project before moving ahead of a RFP and POC.

What we saw and analysed :

  • Digital Asset Management Policies
  • User Profiles/ User Access Management
  • Rights Management
  • File Naming Conventions
  • Taxonomy Governance
  • Metadata & Vocabularies
  • Rights, Roles and Permissions
  • Search & Navigation

Alongside the webinar series, feel free to download the white paper on the 10 Core DAM Characteristics by IQ EQUITY. Before moving ahead of your RFP or to stamp your vendor this is the document you need to get !

Here all the agenda of the 6 webinars from 26th May 2020 to 8th August 2020 at 4pm GMT or 6pm CET.  Next one will be Tuesday 21st July about Usecase Scenarios & Vendor Analysis.

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Frédéric SANUY

CEO – ACTIVO Consulting