Global Digital Operations Study 2018 Digital Champions

 How industry leaders build integrated operations ecosystems to deliver end-to-end customer solutions

Digital operations, or Industry 4.0, is on the agenda of manufacturing companies around the globe. Yet most business leaders have still not come to terms with the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation or with the conceptual leap it represents.

Mastering Industry 4.0 requires a deep understanding of collaboration, the commitment of top management, and a clear strategy. Companies that fail to embrace this radical change will likely struggle to survive. Yet only a very few companies are poised at this moment to benefit from Industry 4.0. We call this select group Digital Champions.

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Welcome to the consumer trends that we believewill define the European region in the coming year and beyond.

MINTEL trends predictions are the product of a methodology that encompasses four components: we take account of the pending political and legislative events and product launches due in 2018; the appetite amongst consumers for these evidenced by Mintel consumer research; the momentum in innovations we are seeing from our team of global trend spotters; and the opinions of Mintel’s expert industry analysts.

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Artificial Intelligence : Have No Fear The revolution of AI at work

Welcome to the consumer trends that we believewill define the European region in the coming year and beyond.

To deliver pertinent results, AI must rely on large data sets and extensive databases, from which programs can learn and make correlations.
The development of AI facilitates technologies such as self-driving cars, online virtual assistants, Siri on the iPhone, automatic translation tools, facial recognition, and behavior prediction.

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The Third Wave of Content Management 2018

What is the third wave of digital content management?

Put simply, it is a new approach to building and managing websites and customer experiences. It centers on an agile method of webexperience management that gives organizations the flexibilitythey need to thrive in an always-on digital business landscape.

The third wave gives us a way to deliver better customer experiences without using your web CMS as the only platform to design and deliver content.

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