Driven by Digital Asset Management (DAM) since the last 25 years, he advises C-level executives, Agencies, Brands and DAM project leads on digital strategy, data design, and product selection. At the top he’s still working everyday with the best photographers of the world to improve their image workflow.


What the DAM Experts and Customers are saying


CEO & Founder of The Codified DAM Consultant

Mark has reviewed over 100 DAM systems for his consultancy services, and in his role as a thought leader in DAM and as President of the DAM Foundation. Mark has advised a number of DAM consultants and integrators in terms of digital projects. product development, content marketing and business roadmaps.

 ” Frédéric is a higly regraded experienced digital asset management professional advocate, user and promoter of standards and best practices within the DAM industry. He is smart, funny and can be trusted to provide industry knowledge which is not skewed by being a vendor, which is rare and very welcome in our industry. “


Managing Director at Henry Stewart Events

Dan works on developing Henry Stewart’s global events covering various subject areas includingDigital Asset Management, Creative Operations, Enterprise Marketing Management, MarketingAnalytics, Metadata and Taxonomy.

 ” I’ve worked with Fred for several years – he has spoken and attended conferences I work on covering Digital Asset Management. Fred has a deep knowledge of marketing technology, is a great collaborator, open-minded, is hard working and extremely generous with his time. I thoroughly enjoy working with Fred. “

Christian Blaise

CEO - Agilestreams

Christian has over 25 years experience in the Graphic Arts industry. With his in-depth knowledge of the graphic supply chain market to the forefront and his strong technological and technical expertise, he is now one of the most recognised experts of the market.

 ” Frédéric is one of the smartest people I know. Always on the edge of innovation, he is a real fountain of brilliant ideas!

I met Frédéric few years ago and we worked on several projects together. His understanding of complex processes is excellent and he always can identify bottlenecks and key factors of success… and implement these in an effective manner to achieve tremendous results.

I learned so much on DAM thanks to him, probably THE REFERENCE on DAM in France. His strong knowledge on DAM has been key for DALIM Software to get listed as one of the best DAM in the 10-core DAM initiative.

I would highly recommend Frédéric for any complex project in a complex environment. Definitely somebody you need to meet and work with!  “


CEO - Silicon Publishing

Co-founded and work for Silicon Publishing, providing online design, DAM connectivity, and database publishing solutions. His company has built some very powerful products on top of Adobe InDesign and Adobe InDesign Server, and has deployed some of the largest InDesign Server solutions in the world..

 ” I have known Frédéric for three years and we worked together intensely to create the DALIM ES CC Connector. He is extremely knowledgable in a spectrum of Marketing technologies, from pre-press to asset management to software development. Very high energy, manages to follow through on multiple threads of activity like nobody else. “

Gary Fisher

Marketing Technology Specialist

I worked with Fred for several years whilst working at IO Integration. IO Integration are a reseller of Dalim and I had to engage with Fred on a frequent basis across many different subjects. Fred is extremely knowledgeable and is willing to work whatever hours are necessary to get a job done. He is honest, reliable and dedicated. Fred is a well known figure in the Digital Asset Management community and frequently gives presentations, talks and webinars around best practice and future trends.


This knowledge is shared not as a vendor, but as a contributing member of the DAM community to better enhance and better develop the standards across the wider DAM community for the benefit of all vendors and customers alike. I would not hesitate to recommend Fred, he is dedicated, passionate and extremely hard working, in-fact he would frequently be communicating with me via Skype or email late into the night when we had projects and deadlines to meet.

Muriel fribourg

Transformation des organisations - Conduite du changement - Management Business Units - Pilotage grands comptes retail

Frédéric évolue depuis de nombreuses années dans des milieux demandant agilité et adaptabilité. J’ai eu la chance de travailler à ses côtés lors d’importantes mutations d’automatisation ou de mise en place de workflow, pour les plus grands retailers français.


Frédéric a toujours su mobiliser et faire adhérer les équipes, tant interne que client, à ces changements organisationnels. Sa force de conviction, son engagement et sa capacité de vulgarisation, lui permettent de mener à bien les différents challenges qui lui sont soumis dans des environnements parfois peu réceptifs aux changements.

Denis Quelever

Responsable de flux de production chez CA Communication


Si vous recherchez de l’efficacité, réactivité et des conseils pour augmenter la productivité de vos services, Frédéric Sanuy est la personne la plus adaptée à ces problématiques. Pas de doute c’est son domaine de prédilection. 


Frédéric possède une excellente maitrise des flux de production qui ont montré leur efficacité en agence avec toujours l’experience client au coeur de son engagement et un excellent retour sur investissement. Il maitrise parfaitement la photographie et les flux images ainsi que la distribution sur les plates formes DAM , PIM et CMS.

A Career of Customer Engagement and Analysis

During the last years on customers side or vendors he has authored a lot of reports and analysis on the DAM industry, vendors, and tools, and he is the author of the new White Paper unveiled as the reference book for any marketing stakeholders who wants to understand all the core features of the DAM. He has presented keynotes in many countries over the last 15 years (fluent English, French and German), and is frequently a guest lecturer in the Digital Asset & Media Management conferences.

Fred has a PHD in Physics who provides him all the technical skills to understand any technologies.

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