Just a few weeks after the 17th #DAMNYC2019 of Henry Stewart DAM New York was as usual the world’s largest conference dedicated to Digital Asset Management. Again this year one of the best gathering of customers (HBO, Hilton, Nestle, Amazon Studios, Dell, PVH, University of Central Arkansas, American Museum of Natural History, Condé Nast, The Met and more…) and #DAM #experts. It was a unique time for attendees to exchange knowledge, share experiences and build long lasting professional networks this year. Thanks to all the Henry Stewart Team with Dan LuperPatricia ConnellyJad Farhat..

You can enjoy my #video recap here:

I really liked the uses cases this year especially the Keynote of Hilton by Liana Caveshowing after years the Growth and success of Hilton’s Global #DAM. Reason why of my article title coming from Jonathan Perelman (Head of Digital Ventures, ICM Partners 2013). During the Creative Operations – very great testimonial and #digital #strategy with Nickelodeon – “Is the Personal Touch Still Needed Bridging Technology and People at Nickelodeon” and very interesting analytics by #Google with Josh Auffret “The Made For YouTube Mindset” where everybody learnt the how to optimize his #video #workflow along side advertising.

We also have 2 full days focusing on the DAM User Journey – from system selection and implementation through to benchmarking and DAM optimization, metadata, integration, AI, automation, creative operations, corporate archives, video workflow, rights management, semantics, governance and more. 

This year we have some insights with #DAM and #PIM. It is true that today regarding the shopping journey it is more and more important to streamline your content from the creative operations to the e-commere. I still do believe that we need 2 systems and this is the job of the #vendors to make smart connectors and we see more and more of them with some of the best player in the market, InRiverAkeneoSalsifyRiversandStiboContentserv,Sales Force as we saw with General Mills.

One step forward is the talk we have with #GMSC for Global Marketing Supply Chain and the great keynote from Faith Robinson (Tenovos) in order to connect systems and content across the entreprise and touchpoint.

We have talked about Traceability and Trust thanks Theresa Regli Keynote the main milestone to start the conference, hence it is all about rights management and today technologies like FadelDigimarc or Imatag are more and more mandatory to secure your digital content.

We also have great sessions about #metadata and we know how it is important to manage the m and the session “Metadata Matters: Because when it comes to Content, it’s Everything you have….” moderated by John Horodyski was a clear representation of the #customers challenges with GAP, Tiffany, Bank of America…

Customers are more and more seeking also to connect to their favorite Social Content Management, one of the best channel to drive sales through HoostSuite, Slack, Facebook, Twitter of course or to build the #brand portal use the APIs with #CMS to achieve a great customer experience.

One of the last question is how to select your #DAM system in this crazy marketing stacks recently updated by Martech: We’re now up to 7,040 solutions on the 2019 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic.

Reason why we need KPI to select the right system….

The Real Story Group unveiled last month the well know omnichannel stack vendor map. These marketplaces have many attributes in common. They’re mostly emergent, highly fragmented, and in some cases only lightly covered by major MarTech suite vendors.

The Real Story Group worked on new 13 demo scenarios to tackle your vendors.

Before buying a #DAM system take the time to stress the system !! Use demo scenarios to check if it can do the job ! if your stack-holders feel confortable and not seen as one more system in the organization.

The new DAM Marketplace 2019 by Real Story Group.

Mark Davey CEO & Founder of The Codified DAM Consultant – one of the best #DAM expert in the industry,  made an outstanding job working on more than 30 #DAM scenarios to stress the #DAM system. He made a new #DAM strategy in 6 steps.

It’s about time we stopped asking the unanswerable question: “What is the BEST digital asset management system? ”

DAM 2019 key topics to select the right DAM system

The last but not least the great #DAM Bake off moderated by Jarrod Gringas from Real Story Group with a new winner – 4ALLPORTAL who made. great job with the help of Spencer Harris.

It was great this year to attend as an independent consultant and the first time to be in this #DAM place for agileStreams.

Looking forward to DAMEU 27-28 June 2019

Frédéric SANUY

DAM Expert & Architect Solutions