2020 starts again for Henry Stewart and a new serie of 4 main events during the year in New York, Europe, Chicago and San Diego. All of them are the world’s largest conferences dedicated to Digital Asset Management. It is a unique environment for attendees to exchange knowledge, share experiences and build long lasting professional networks. Over a hundred speakers across more than sixty sessions cover metadata, integration, AI, automation, creative operations, corporate archives, video workflow, rights management, semantics, governance and more. 

This year I will be at all the events on behalf of ACTIVO Consulting. We providing consultancy for brands, retailers, agencies to select the right DAM solution within the best ROI driven by 25 years of experience. DAM HS are my favorite conferences, this unique time in the year where you can meet and share with the best DAM Managers, Librarians, Customers, Experts… This is what I call the DAM Community. The whole organisation from Claire Smith and Dan Luper is just fantastic. So really I advise you to attend the events. At the top you have NY with 1000 people in 2 days but London and Chicago are growing also every year.

During the next weeks I will share you some of my projects in order to leverage DAM systems.

A video will give you more ambiance and insights at DAM HS Events, like the DAM NY 2019 :

Or the DAM Europe 2019 :

Attendees at The Henry Stewart DAM Events conferences also get full access to the Creative Operations conference, The importance of ‘Creative Operations’ is increasingly recognized by leading organizations across all product and service sectors. It will start next week with the Creative Operations in London 6th March.

Follow us on our BLOG and YouTube Channel for the live report along side the year.


Contact us for any RFI RFP DAM projects or see you during the conferences in 2020 !

Frédéric SANUY