Creative Operations London 2020 is since last year the first rendez vous of the DAM community in London. It gathers was usual the best representative of creativity in Europe with always great use cases and best practices. As usual I like playing with the media to share with you my aftermovie as a homage for the great organization of Claire Smith and Dan Luper Team.

Creativity has definitely changed since the last years. We are living in a incredible point of time of our history. It is the done of 21st century Renaissance. A world with Human and machine in a exploding growth of opportunities. This the time to push the boundaries  of human ideas, creativity and science. Design and Creativity have never been more important. It is available to every single one of us. You can be an activiste who can inspire global actions with the enrichment of social media and the power of just a big idea. We have a child with a camera phone and access to Youtube who can reach more people than any other media outlet. A Photojournalist who can move us by capturing an entire story with just a single image.

During Creative Operations London 2020 from my point of vue we had a stunning presentation of Ray Murphy from : User-Generated Content (UGC) can be a highly effective way to build trust with new audiences and strengthen relationships with existing customers. In a recent report from Stackla analyses that 90% of consumers say is important when deciding which brands they like and support and 83% of marketers say authenticity is very important to their brands.

“Consumers’ growing preference for UGC in branding is driven by its authenticity. UGC depicts real customers enjoying products, services, and experiences in a genuine, unfiltered way and in real time”

Their system is managed by Cloudinary, a top DAM vendor who automate the entire image-processing pipeline: from uploads to on-the-fly manipulations to optimization to dynamic delivery with any CDN. This business requirement is something new for most DAM vendors, you should be bale to yourself customise your metadata set, your renditions. Experience wise most brands have to support more than 40 differents formats.

The resource delivery lifecycle consists of 5 stages: Upload, Storage, Administration, Manipulation, and Delivery.

Mark and Paddy from Wieden+Kennedy gave us the top 10 amazing Tips to build a creative team.

Creative Operations London 2020 The CD’s POV

We had the pleasure to get again Elisabeth Knulst on the stage after DAM Europe 2019, talking about Pandora: Freeing up Creative Talent through Standardisation and Technology. As conclusion Elisabeth explained us that marketing operations optimisation will not eliminate creativity but instead it will enable creativity. Which makes sense just because teams will have more time. Based on on a mix of tools to enhance the customer experience technology can facilitate the increase of efficiency. I really appreciate the note from Elisabeth about some smoke and mirrors of some vendors. Stamp them ! do not believe in PowerPoint Presentations, use POC to check your business requirements with your files ! From the vendors side with API you can connect everything which is not really true so review the API things.

In that scope I will advise the very good report done by Bynder on the State of Branding Report 2020.

State of Branding Report 2020—Key Findings

Then we have a very good panel about a classic subject : In-Housing, Out-Sourcing, Freelancing and More with Oliver Agency, Universel Pictures and Saatchi & Saatchi.

Members of the BBC Studios team described how a globally minded operation works as part of the BBC. Driven by amazing content they explained all the challenges they have to face.

I liked too the presentation of Perrie Schad Director of Digital Experience globaledit. As the head of digital experience she explained us the Influencing Without Authority While Cultivating a High Performance Network Across Internal Teams and External Partners at Colgate Palmolive.

When we talking about creativity and DAM, the top challenge is the change. As I explained often it is 95 of people and 5 % of technology to engage your digital transformation. We had a very good presentation oof the use case by Shell with Charlotte Crittenden.

Nuxeo in this scope was showing us the 7 Ways to Accelerate your Product Creative Life Cycle. I like the business process mapping things as most of the time when I’m visiting a customer ok he wants a DAM but first a PCLM to be bale to manage the approval of the assets in the whole organization. I will do a webinar with Nuxeo on 25th of March.

7 Ways to accelerate your Creative Processes with DAM

To end up the day the super well know Theresa Regli made a good overview of how to use the DAM along side creativity “Where does Creative Operations End and DAM Begin?”

Where does Creative Operations End and DAM Begin

Of course it is all about Adobe CC plugins, Check in Check out and online editing. Last year I made an overview of the subject that I will update soon.

DAM to create unique digital experiences for brands

Conclusion :

A DAM system can definitely improve the creative process beyond the technology. But regrind the requirements of designers, photographers to promote the brand without any contraints, the DAM :

  • Great user experience with responsive UI and mobile support.
  • Connectors with the Adobe CC Suite
  • Makup tools alongside workflows
  • Performance to support large TIFF/PSD files – DAM is an engine !
  • Distribution capabilities on all the touch points from Print to Social with connectors ( CMS WordPress, Drupal etc.. Hootsuite, Sprinklr etc…

If you have any questions feel free to contact us or if you have a DAM PIM CMS projects to start this year. I wanted to add a one more thing…since I follow Henry Stewart Events I have thousands f pictures ans video organised in my own DAM ( Phraseanet as I explained in a last post). Difficult to give to all the people an access so I have some other tools and so now you can pickup my pictures here, just add ©F.SANUY for the credit in the mean time I’m using IMATAG technology to track the photos 🙂

IMATAG Analytics

Enjoy here :

or just the link to the pictures of Creative Ops London 2020.

Hope to see you in DAM NY 2020……

Frédéric SANUY

CEO – ACTIVO Consulting