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I wrote this white paper has been designed creative media and marketing professionals who wants to embrace the world of Digital Asset Management to deliver the best experience for their customers. The art and science of managing media—and marketing and brand assets— has evolved significantly throughout the past couple decades. It has never been so easy for anyone to share content with mobile devices through social networks that are gathering the greatest library of assets in the world. Even for brands,.

DAM is now established as a critical application to deliver the right content on all devices and media channels for a compelling customer engagement.

In today’s product development environment, products — and the technologies they’re based on — change rapidly, as do competitive products. Finding ways to optimize time-to-market is a critical com- ponent that directly affects revenue.



Companies need a solution to manage all activities — in-house or externally — to coordinate everything from design to final print, including regulatory compliance, localization and versioning to ensure efficiency.



Packaging continues to be an extremely important component of the marketing mix. It also requires a tremendous amount of attention throughout the supply chain, from the brand to the retailer, up to the impact to shoppers.

As expectations for a better customer experience and engagement reach greater heights, online shoppers continue to wait for speedy, accurate deliveries. In response, retailers and brands that require packaging are applying pressure throughout the supply chain to deliver products faster and more efficiently.

More and more products are being sent directly to homes via an expedient delivery service. The visual and tactile impacts from a delivery can be a powerful selling point for brands. Logos, pictures, and text content on packaging materials can help deliver a brand experiencethat connects with consumers and further communicates how that brand value is enhancing their lives.

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LinkedIn is positioned to become the new “system of engagement” for all sales, marketing and customer teams with more than 600 millions users. It’s an ever-changing landscape for sales and marketing professionals. Prospective customers already expect companies to establish credibility, make a personal connection and engage them only when they have a relevant context for their outreach.
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